Malaysia’s March Election

Weeks before the march 2008 election in Malaysia,my close friends,associates and colleagues had one thing in common:they painted a bleak and hopeless future for the nation.Rampant corruption,intolerable abuse of power,cronyism,the arrogance of the Barisan, were cited as root causes.There is no hope,they said.Now after the results of the election,they are bubbling with joy,confidence and optimism.

The political landscape has been altered.Racial politics has been rejected.The impossible has been made possible by Makkal Sakti.The ruling party brought down to its knees.The electorate has indeed matured.

One must give tribute not only to the citizen   for its boldness and the calm and measured manner in which the results were accepted,but also to the PM for graciously accepting the will of the people and resisting to resort to emergency rule.

I am jubilant to see this new found confidence and optimism felt by the whole nation.

I only hope and pray that the new Barisan Rakyat lives up to the aspirations of the people and that they will not squander this once in a life-time opportunity for change.

Will they rise above factional politics to really work for the rakyat irrespective of race and deliver what has been promised?

If they do that then the country is irreversibly set on the path to a two-party system.



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